Thank you for allowing me to use the dispatch feature. I used it yesterday to set up some upcoming appointments for service and maintenance work it has made scheduling a breeze saving me time since I was using multiple programs. I can not wait to see what is next.

Scott Deater- Deater Mechanical

Our company began using the proposals program about 15 months ago, and the experience has been nothing short of outstanding. The constantly expanding suite of tools available has allowed us to not only improve our sales process, and presentation, but to better run our financials as a company whole. By utilizing tools provided in the program we have been able to clearly track costs from model, to sale, through install, commission and close out, and then have a reference back to where money went allowing us to improve in the future, and avoid mistakes.

Revenues over our first 12 months of use with the program rose 30% and customer feed back for the process has been amazing, It is common place to have customers tell us how clear and easy the presentation is to understand. Easily customizable options allow us to educate the customer in a concise and time effective manner, as well as ensure we are not leaving any money on the closing table. Helping the customer find the best possible fit for their home means they will walk away from the process happy. Happy customers mean referrals and referrals mean business of the best kind!

The program is intuitive and easy to use, but when questions or challenges have presented themselves, DeWayne and the team of support staff at Enterprise have shown a rare dedication and level customer service. Their hands on, immediate and patient assistance has ensured we have minimal down time and maximum understanding, fostering a constantly evolving model to suit our growing needs.

We can’t thank the Enterprise team enough for helping us be the best we can!

Keep up the great work!

Sean Gallagher - Sales manager

Wanted to let you know, If you remember when you were here on Thursday, I had to leave to go on a quote for a Kowalski customer. It was for a Heat Pump System. They had my proposal an hour after I was there and this morning he was here signing the proposal. I think this is main reason a company would consider this program. I feel it really makes it look like you got your s#*t together when you can produce a final proposal instantly. Also, I do feel its an advantage having four options. This customer went with the Best option. Thanks again, just wanted to let you know this.

A forwarded email from a PPI dealer from His TM

“We started using the enterprise selling solution program in Late April and have found it to be a very valuable resource in the sales process. Once your templates are set up, creating a quote for a customer while in the home is a piece of cake. The professional proposal that you can go line by line with a customer is like no other I have seen and blows away my competitions hand written quotes. Adding videos and web links with more product data is a nice feature as well. Overall I think the program is a great tool that can add to the success of your sales force.“ 

Chris Reister, Steel T

I’m a Energy Consultant for Newmans Heating and Air in Gainesville, FL.  We recently started using the CE proposal’s program after hearing about it from our Bryant TM.   I have been impressed with how much time the program has cut off of my day with easy drop down menu features including all of our Bryant offerings as well as our up to date pricing.  Its also a very professional looking finished product when I give it to my customer, with links to the product pages of each option I offer.  It also has a link to the hvac opcost sight so our customers can compare their saving from one option to the next.  To go Along with the ease of operation, professionalism, and time savings CE also has an great staff that is extremely responsive to your concerns.  Between DeWanye and Chris, or often times both, answering all of our questions we were able to implement this program into our business in no time. 

Jacob Knight, Newmans Heating and Air

“I really like the breakdown you gave me. The customers loved the options. Well done, best HVAC quote I have ever seen!” 

Van Tyson, Empire Builders of Savannah 

I just wanted to thank you and the Mingledorffs team for bringing me DeWayne with Enterprise Selling Solutions. This program has been very helpful. It is a much faster way of giving customers a clean 4 options.

Dustin Edwards, Edwards Heating & Air

I have a salesman that in the past displayed strong closing rates but had experienced lower than expected closing rates this year for some reason. I originally signed up for this generator with the hopes that it would improve his closing rate. I can honestly say that his closing rate has improved by 10%, his output that a customer sees is done in a professional manner, and his average job is over $1000 higher than my other salesman. This proposal generator has given him the confidence to sell again and has made me a believer in it. Thank you for taking the time to develop it and look forward to watching my other salesmen use and grow with it.

Joshua Pierce, Service Mark

I wanted to let you know that the ESS proposal generator has been worth the investment.
I use the system for all of my residential retrofit quotes. The embedded pricing and ease of operation have allowed me to reduce the amount of time I spend preparing a proposal by 50%. I have become comfortable enough to add additional equipment, photos and upgrades easily. The automatic reminders and tracking statistics have increased my ability to serve the customer.
Homeowners love the ability to have a professional document in their inbox before I leave the home. Many have printed and signed on the spot.
Thank-you for bringing ESS to our attention. The ESS staff responded immediately when I had questions throughout the learning process.

Kevin Martin, Summers and Zimms

Thank you for the training you gave us on the new proposal software that your company supplied us with. The program is wonderful to work with, and easy to use. It makes selling easy once you get all the templates set up. Even setting up the templates is easy after having you show us how to get started. Again, thank you for all your help. We would recommend this proposal software to anybody looking for a way to be more productive in the field of selling.

Wayne McKinney, Payne Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc