Dealer Add-Ons

Text messages are read almost immediately with a 98% overall open rate . . .
while only about 20% of emails are opened on average.

Emails can be easily lost in your customers’ inboxes and can even be labeled as spam by the email provider – sending them straight to the junk folder with no chance of being opened. Texting allows for instant communication without the risk of automatic inbox filtering; your customer is almost sure to open a text message as soon as it’s received to remove the unread notification on their phone. Using text messaging to reach your customers is a no-brainer!

To activate the texting functionality within our program, simply click the Sign Up button below and complete the registration form. There is a direct cost for this feature of $50/mo. and there may be requirements in the future to list your company with our texting provider. Click the Sign Up button below to get started!