Proposal Program

Proposal Programs is a custom packaged software system designed to allow easy quoting, improved reporting, and higher close ratios for dealers.

Is…. an Intuitive Flat Rate Program that has Invoice Capabilities.
Where….Service Tickets can be emailed to your homeowners.
And …..has Flexibility with marking up parts and setting your labor rate.
Helps You ….. Price Right with the imbedded calculator to determine your technician’s hourly rate.

Gaining the trust of your homeowner is the first step towards earning their business. Being professional shows you care about the client and you care about the work to be performed. When diagnosing a broken system, make sure you present your discovery in that same professional manner.

A professional Service Discovery Ticket helps the homeowner understand the recommended repair and tells them their needs will be taken care of. Using the ESS Service App, technicians can review the current state of the system and explain the part needed to be repaired in terms the homeowner can understand. The Service Discovery Ticket even breaks down the costs by part and shows what discounts may be available to them.

Once the technician has the full confidence of their homeowner, they can approve the Service Discovery Ticket and create a Service Invoice.

Managers have real-time, any-time access to the work being performed for their homeowners.