Dewayne just sold three more evolution jobs today. Thank you for everything you have done to create such an awesome proposal generator. I will be sending you a testimony once I get a chance to. 

Thanks again 


Brian Redmond, RCC HVAC – Philadelphia, PA

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with this program. The time that it now takes me to create a proposal and get it in front of the homeowner has been slashed by at least 50% which really allows me to keep their attention focused on the equipment and the all important sense of urgency. No more having to make small talk while I fumble around with various price books and my calculator. Homeowners love the professional appearance, pictures, descriptions, and menu style layout of the proposal and when you think about it, how often do you look at a menu and NOT order something? Sales have increased, closing time has significantly decreased and the entire process from the sale to the installation has improved. Additionally, the support is outstanding and responses to my questions are lightning fast. There is nothing in our industry that even comes close to the ease of use and incredible efficiency of this program. Thanks so much!

Jay Kimberly, Wilson Oil and Propane

“The Estimate: I had several “A”-rated Angie’s List referrals come out to give me an estimate and ESA won across the board, beginning with the fact that it’s the actual owner who comes to your house to give you the estimate. The company was actually recommended to me by a family member, and the owner, Richard Dean, remembered him by name when I mentioned it. (more…)

Michael Hendricks, VP at Environmental Systems Associates:

I just want to share with you the positive experience I have had in using the enterprise proposal software since my training three weeks ago. Yes as expected I have a slight learning curve the first week.

But, your staff provided proper support to get me through that period of time and now I’m on my second full week of using the software quite successfully. (more…)


Pat Hudgens, President/Owner/SalesPerson at Elgin Sheetmetal TEC

You hit a grand slam on the webinar.  Thanks for jumping on this so quickly.  The time was right and the need was there.  I am excited about the upsells I see coming.  IAQ has always been a soft spot for their salesman.  Propose and Close will address that and become the silent salesmen even if the sales person does not mention the products. The follow up email feature trumps anything they are now doing.  You touched all the hot spots. John was impressed.

Vaughn Varnado, TM for Mingledorffs