As customers, we are always looking for a good deal. As business owners, we’re always looking for ways to offer our customers good deals.

Having to shell out thousands of dollars for an HVAC repair or replacement is never something our customers want to hear. Being able to offer them a less stressful way to pay can help take some of the anxiety out of the conversation and can help your business boost its bottom line.

Let’s take a look at why being able to offer financing to HVAC customers is good for them and good for your business.

Close More Deals

If you’re not offering financing to your HVAC customers, you could be missing out on closing more deals. If they can’t afford to replace or repair their HVAC system all at once, you don’t have to lose the sale completely.

Chances are you’ve seen HVAC customers get ‘sticker shock’ when told just how much they’d have to spend to repair or replace their unit. If you can incorporate financing options into the conversation, you can both ease their anxiety and help them recognize the long-term investment they’re making to their home. If they don’t have to fork over thousands of dollars upfront, they’ll be more likely to purchase with you.

Making the process more enjoyable will help your customers feel like they’re not being forced to part with their hard-earned cash simply because they have no other choice. This translates into closing more deals and larger contracts.

More Buying Options for HVAC Customers

Showing HVAC finance options to customers can help them afford the upgrades they really want for their home without having to compromise on quality. They may decide to purchase a higher-end unit or add accessories they otherwise might not be able to pay for upfront. Properly upselling your products and services does not have to be a pushy sales tactic.

Happy customers who benefit from financing mean repeat business and referrals.

Compete With Big Box Stores

Being able to offer your customers financing makes you more competitive with big box stores and other big companies that offer their own credit cards and customer financing options. You can then take a look at the climate and offerings from big companies and tweak what you offer as promotions.

Improve Sales by Offering HVAC Finance Options

Having your HVAC business offer financing can mean a huge increase in profits. Recent studies found businesses saw an average of a 15 percent increase in order size when they offered customers financing options.

You can give your customers more options and allow them to add value to their homes by gradually paying off a larger purchase like an HVAC repair or replacement. Your business can offer options just like the big box stores and still be able to give your customers that personal attention to detail only achievable by smaller, local businesses.

If you’re ready to improve sales and close larger deals, contact us for pricing and payment plans.