Planned Maintenance Agreements

If you’re looking for new ways to improve both your customers’ experience and your own HVAC business profitability, you might want to consider planned maintenance agreements.

More and more HVAC companies are offering this option to their customers, and if you’re not there yet, you’re behind the curve.

If you’ve never given thought to how to sell maintenance agreements, it’s normal that you haven’t yet implemented these maintenance contracts for commercial buildings or residences. We’re here to talk about why you should. Keep reading to learn more about how offering a monthly maintenance contract can help your business.

Loyal Repeat Customers

One of the biggest benefits of offering planned maintenance agreements is the promise of return customers. They come with the territory.

Getting return customers is always difficult. You need to offer great service and great customer service. Even when someone is locked in, it’s hard to keep them coming back to you if they need HVAC professionals so inconsistently.

Most people only call a professional when something is going wrong.

When you have a planned maintenance agreement, you know that your customer is going to keep coming back to you.

An Improved Reputation

There are several ways in which these agreements will help your reputation.

First, when you develop consistent relationships with your customers, they’re going to feel like you care about and appreciate them (because you do). Seeing them often may make them feel more comfortable when it comes to asking about problems with their HVAC systems.

These contracts also ensure that you’ll be able to catch problems before they get big. This means that your work will never come into question when someone has an HVAC problem. You’ll already be on top of it before they know there’s an issue.

A Consistent Schedule

Many HVAC professionals don’t have the luxury of consistency. It’s nice to know that you have scheduled maintenance sessions in which you can expect the same general routine exactly when you plan for it.

This also means that revenue should be consistent which makes it far easier to plan for the future of your business.

Easier Work

No one wants to deal with an HVAC emergency. While all seasoned professionals can deal with serious HVAC problems, it’s far easier and more predictable to manage systems that have received consistent maintenance. It also means that you know who did the work and that you don’t have to fix something that someone else ruined.

Your maintenance is routine work and when problems do arise, they won’t be as large as they would if you haven’t been maintaining the system. This makes things better for both you and your customers.

Do You Offer Planned Maintenance Agreements?

Planned maintenance agreements are good for your business and your customers. Why not make sure that your customers always have reliable systems and great service? They’ll appreciate your effort and you’ll appreciate the consistent revenue and lack of serious emergencies.

This might be the best thing that you do for your business.

Are you looking for more ways to improve your maintenance business? We might be the team for you. Book a free demo to check out everything that we can do to help you.