It’s Time for Your Business to Go Paperless!

Are you looking for more efficient way to run your HVAC business? Have you thought about going paperless? Sure, a paper trail may be nice, but keeping track of paper tickets requires walls lined with filing cabinets and chock-full of old tickets. What if you need to pull a ticket for a customer? Then you’re stuck with trying to find it in a disorganized system. You can avoid all of the stress and strain it takes to keep up with paper tickets when you choose to go paperless. There are extraordinary programs and software available for HVAC service ticketing that will improve your business while helping you save paper. You’ll have the advantage of being able to submit tickets electronically and easily store them. The new paperless era includes cost savings as well as many other advantages. You can even stop sending paper invoices to clients and start using email invoices that save you on paper, ink, manpower and postage.

Ticketing Software Keeps All of Your Important Information in One Place

A paperless system gives you the opportunity to store invoices, proposals and tickets all in one place. It doesn’t matter where your technicians and associates are located either. Using software for ticketing allows you to save everything in one place so that all of your associates can locate the information they need when they need it. An electronic ticket also eliminates the need for legible handwriting. Nothing’s worse than trying to read a paper ticket or invoice with bad handwriting. Now you and your customers will be able to clearly read the information included on the service ticket.

Give Your Technicians the Ability to Invoice Faster

Service ticket software will give your technicians the ability to complete invoices faster. Faster service tickets equal faster cash flow. There’s no need to print out the ticket and wait for customer to receive it in the mail. An electronic ticket can be created in a matter of minutes and sent immediately. Going paperless has never been easier or more profitable.