HVAC Ticketing Just Got Easier

Ticketing from a service provider has come in many forms over the years. Heating and cooling businesses were once restricted to just using paper forms for ticketing purposes, which could get disorganized and took a while. Today, ticketing has taken a turn for the better. There are programs and software available that are intuitive and provide great invoice capabilities. No longer will you have to expect your employees to write out a long form in order to produce an invoice or ticket for customers. When you use HVAC service ticketing software, you can even email a service ticket to your customers. You will have the ultimate flexibility when it comes to handling many other aspects such as setting labor rates and marking up parts.

Ticketing Software Helps You Price Right

Ticketing software that includes an embedded calculator can also help you determine hourly rates for your technicians. This is just part of what it takes to run your business professionally while also being able to gain the trust of your employees and customers. It shows that you care about the work that is to be performed and gives you the opportunity to present discoveries as well as diagnose broken systems all in a professional manner. A service discovery ticket gives homeowners the ability to assess any repairs that you recommend while also letting them know that their heating and cooling needs will be well taken care of. High-quality software for ticketing will also break down the costs per part to show any discounts that are available.

Create Confidence in Your Technicians

Ticketing software helps your technicians feel more confident when they’re expressing information regarding HVAC repairs, maintenance or even replacements. It also gives the customer the ability to approve a service ticket so that a service invoice can be created. Managers will also have real-time access to all of the work that is being conducted for your customers.