”Send me a proposal” is among the most common phrases you will encounter in the HVAC industry. The way you craft your HVAC proposals will determine your business success when selling HVAC services and systems. The industry is rapidly changing, and buyers now use this as the only decision-maker to establish if you’re suitable for the job.

When planned and written well, HVAC proposals can be an effective sales tool. Many businesses lose business opportunities every day because of a poorly written proposal. Follow this guide to avoid the commonly made mistakes.

Establish the Purpose of the HCAV Proposals

The key to writing an effective proposal is to determine its purpose. This will help you craft an outline that meets the objectives. The primary goal of a proposal is to outline how you can offer a solution to your customers’ problems so they can take advantage of what you have to offer amid your competitors. Think of it as a partnership contract that summarizes your strategy to help the buyers get the benefits they are looking for. The most important step before putting your proposal out is to place yourself in the customers’ shoes, evaluate their concerns, and come up with a solution to make their lives easier.

The Introduction of the HVAC Proposals

The introduction is the most crucial part of any proposal. It determines if the client will go through it all, and you need to make it enjoyable so the buyer will want to know more. HVAC services are among the essential components of any house yet very complex. Everyone needs them to maintain a suitable and comfortable environment and air quality.

Your work as an HVAC professional is to offer comfort, and adding this aspect in your proposal’s introduction goes a long way. Start by drafting a one-page introduction explaining who you are, what you do, and what makes you different. Why do you love your job, and why do you believe that you are the best fit for the job?

Go ahead and talk about your experience to back up what you said about your expertise. If you have been offering HVAC services for many years, stress the years to show that you understand your way around HVAC services and systems. If you have only been in the industry for a short time, you can increase your chances of landing the job by highlighting your abilities.

While at the introduction, mention your commitment to the environment. A considerable part of HVAC roles is to keep the air clean, and if your systems have advanced filtration technology, the better. You may also talk about your HVAC systems’ energy efficiency, as this shows that you want to help your customers cut on cost while offering maximum ventilation and circulation.

Finish the introduction with a closing statement where you can talk of how confident you are that your systems or services are the best choice, and buyers will not regret choosing you.

As a general practice, your proposal should outline how YOU can help THEM.


After the introduction, you should back up your claims by including reviews from your previous clients. Reviews are among the tips that buyers use to hire heating and cooling contractors, and you need to make this part realistic. If you’re doing your job right, then you probably have many clients who could provide real testimonials about your systems and services.

Real feedback is one of the effective selling points to prospects. It improves their trust and confidence in you. It’s recommended that you incorporate a review app such that every time you complete a job, your client leaves a comment as soon as it is done, and you can access it any time. Remind your clients to rate you as this helps to build your HVAC business.

You should also add evidence of your previous work. Attach photographs to show that you have handled similar tasks to the one you are proposing. Use colored pictures to indicate HVAC issues and how you can solve them. Show how your system or services will address the current issues and prevent the problem from recurring. This is the best way to explain yourself to buyers without having to meet face to face.

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Proposal Contract

Your proposal is not complete without a contract section that highlights all the clients’ expectations and what you expect of them. The contract comes after upselling your services, and this part should not sound too salesy.

You can easily use a proposal generator app to come up with customized contracts from your computer. The contract should include terms and conditions that both your business and clients should meet when offering services.

Make them as favorable to customers as possible. Everything else in the proposal may sound good, but if the contract sounds oppressive, the client will consider another provider with better terms and conditions.

Services and Budget

Highlight all design and installation services that your business offers. These may include heat pump installation, ventilation systems installation, ductwork, and central air conditioning services.

Move to the budget where you should list the cost estimates for each system design and installation. This should also include the cost of materials and labor.

HVAC services are a bit hard to price. For example, the installation cost depends on various aspects, such as the building’s layout and size. Therefore, the cost of installing the same system may differ from one building to the next.


The timeline indicates how much time you’re likely to spend on design, installation, or repair. Again, this aspect is a significant selling point as prospective customers want a provider who can do the work within the shortest time without compromising the quality.

Service Review

The review includes the total cost of services and the start and end dates. Add any extra notes or areas of interest and photos if necessary.

Create Good HVAC Proposals for Your Business

Writing good HVAC proposals takes time and practice. Follow the steps above, and you will get better every time. If you haven’t already, start using an HVAC proposal app to save time and enjoy flexibility and adjustability. You can’t go wrong with our HVACBizPro app when crafting a proposal to increase your sales and make your business profitable.

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