pre-paid maintenance programs

Are you an HVAC business owner looking for a way to create reliable revenue streams to help you reach your overall business goals? If so, then you need to offer your customers pre-paid maintenance programs to help save them money and provide you with regular income and repeat buyers.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure how to create this system or how to offer it to your customers, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to learn how you can track the right metrics that will help you reach your goals. And then how you can help your customers while also helping your business.

Why You Need to Set HVAC Business KPIs

Every business owner needs to know the goals for their business. And one vital component to reaching your business goals is to track the right metrics. KPIs, or key performance indicators, provide this tool for you to use as you work to reach your goals.

As the name suggests these metrics are the performance indicators you will track each week, month, and quarter. As you track these metrics you can make adjustments as needed to reach your goals in a strategic and efficient manner.

Some key benefits to setting KPIs for your HVAC business include:

As you begin to set your KPIs, remember that not all metrics need to be tracked. And if you track the wrong metrics you risk reaching the wrong goals.

Some key metrics to track for your HVAC business include:

As you can see you might have been tracking the wrong metrics all along. Or worse, you weren’t tracking anything and wondering why you weren’t reaching your goals.

Why Your HVAC Business Need a Maintenance Program Sales Strategy

Now that you’ve set the right goals and created the right KPIs to track, you need a strategy to help reach those goals. And one strategy that can cover the majority of the metrics listed above is to create a regular maintenance program for your existing customers.

An HVAC preventive maintenance agreement on your heating and cooling system will save your customers money in the long run from costly breakdowns. And it will also help them avoid the risk of the breakdown happening during inclement weather. And for you, the reliable revenue that comes from selling maintenance plans will help you reach your revenue growth goals.

How to Sell Pre-Paid Maintenance Programs to Your Customers

HVAC customers understand the hassle of having a heater breakdown during winter or their cooling system in the middle of a heatwave. By offering maintenance programs you not only save your customer the hassle of worrying about costly repairs but you also save them money in the long run as their system will run more smoothly and for longer.

As your technicians talk with your customers explain it similar to getting their oil changed on their car. By keeping up with preventative maintenance they can keep their car running smoothly. Some more benefits your technicians can explain to your customers include:

When your customers see the many benefits of a maintenance program they will be grateful for you watching out for them and working to save them time, money, and the headaches that come from inefficient systems and breakdowns.

Now You Can Meet and Exceed Your KPIs and Business Goals Every Time

With the advantages of offering your customers pre-paid maintenance programs, you will not only reach your goals but you will also offer an incredibly valuable service that your customers are sure to appreciate. And as you work to achieve your goals you can rest assured that you’re tracking the right metrics and making sound business decisions based on that data.

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