HVAC Biz in a Box for Small Contractors – by Ruth King

Do You Qualify for HVAC Biz in a Box? Yes, if you are generating less than $500,000 in revenues. HVAC Biz in a Box gives smaller contractors the tools that all larger contractors have. Dispatching, flat rate, load calculations, proposal pricing, QuickBooks, maintenance agreements, operations manuals, financial reviews and very important….telephone support…geared specifically for HVAC businesses under $500,000 in revenue. … Read More

Gross Profit Per Man Hour or Day

Historically, HVAC contractors have priced their products in so many different ways.   The Gross Margin method –  Take your cost of goods sold and divide by 1 minus the percentage of margin desired. (40% = .6) The Markup method –  Take your cost of goods sold and multiply by a number such as 1.7 and come up with a … Read More