Are You Ready to Increase the Value of Your Heating and Cooling Business?

HVAC businesses are all well-positioned to enjoy growth. In fact, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the outlook for HVAC and refrigeration installers and mechanics is projected to grow 15% from 2016 to 2026. This is one of the fastest growing averages, especially when compared to 7% for the average job. This is exciting news for HVAC business owners. While this is positive news, you can still adopt HVAC business solutions that further increase the value of your business. It will also give your team the ability to become more efficient as well as handle more projects. When you invest in high-quality HVAC business software, you will be able to incorporate better workflows while also establishing the best practices for project management. The right software can make the job easier and much more more efficient.

Make Jobs Easier for Your Technicians

Part of being able to increase your workflow is also being able to make the job easier for your technicians. When they have the proper tools, they will be able to document jobsite activity from either a tablet or smartphone. They will also be able to document their work by taking photos of poorly installed HVAC systems, damaged equipment or an unsafe issue on the jobsite. This makes it easy to complete reports from a mobile device while also being able to document the number of hours spent on a single job as well as material and equipment usage. Documentation can be completed in minutes versus taking hours to fill out written forms.

Schedule Resources More Effectively

Having the ability to schedule resources is an effective way to streamline your HVAC business. No longer will you be tied down to spreadsheets when you use automated scheduling processes. This type of software will also give you the ability to review all of your resources and all of your projects in one place.