About Us

  • Who We Are

  • Enterprise Selling Solutions helps our clients increase their revenue by improving their selling process and bringing efficiency to their departmental functions, communications, and contributions. We bring innovative web-based solutions proven to increase their sales and ability to manage their company. Bringing a keep it simple philosophy to everything we do allows us to focus on the most important part of business – our clients.  

Our History

  • 2014
    The Year of the Enhancement. Listening to our dealers, we understood that the best way to be of service to them was to make it easy to bring AHRI information onto their proposals. We built a whole new database to house AHRI information as well as vast amounts of information about vast amount of products. No more carrying brochures into a customer’s home. One click access to product brochures, one click access to AHRI information has revolutionized the program.

  • 2012
    Catching Fire. Established as having first class customer service and putting the dealer first to help them understand and incorporate their new program, we were able to broaden our reach to distributors and dealers. We now have clients as from Minnesota to Arizona from Massachusetts to Florida and everywhere in-between.

  • 2011
    A Few Key Relationships. Having caught the eyes of some forward thinking distributors, many dealers throughout Florida, Georgia, and Alabama were able to improve their sales and their product mix by incorporating the proposal program. In 2011, our program was viewed as Innovative.
  • 2010
    Version 1.0 is Released. All SAAS programs start somewhere and ours is no different. In its infancy the program was simple and functional, but not nearly as robust as the version you see today.
  • 2009
    The Partnership is Formed. An HVAC Industry Expert with a Business Management Expert come together to form Enterprise Selling Solutions and take what started off as an excel spreadsheet and transform it into a web-based tool easily conveyed to our dealers.

Meet Our Team

DeWayneGibson DeWayne Gibson
DeWayne is the CEO and Co-Founder of Enterprise Selling Solutions. His resume’ over his 27+ years in the HVAC industry includes all facets and all sides of the business. In his early career he was able to grow his knowledge of service, installation, maintenance and Indoor Air Quality by being a part of a large Air Conditioning Contractor in Charleston, South Carolina. Consolidation in the Mid-90’s forced him into upper management where he successfully brought a failing Service Center from a negative net profit in just a short period of time into the black. A small firm, in a small town, 3 hours from his home he was able to turn the ship around and report sales of 2 million at a 12 percent net profit. In 1999 he joined a major HVAC manufacturer in Florida where he grew a territory from 4 million to 12 million in a two year period. Winning the Company’s Top Gun Award several years in a row, he posted Million Dollar new business sales, while driving the lowest attrition rate on existing business in the State of Florida. In 2001 he was awarded the Company’s “Rising Star” award. An award that recognized new sales people that clearly were destined for greatness, within the company. In 2001 he became a sales manager where they grew sales from 35 million statewide to 85 million in sales. The company went on to grow to 116 million in the next two years based on the foundation of sales the team had put into place. In the mid 2000’s he began working with HVAC contractors to help them ring the bell with growth. He ended up opening a contracting business in Jacksonville Florida where he spent his time building a business and developing some software products for his business. His software became so popular he ended up selling his Contracting business and partnering with Christine Malone to take his ideas and concepts across the country. His gift is helping contractors understand how to grow their business. Combined with his ability to see problems and solutions he is always a breadth of knowledge as to how to get things done. He enjoys public speaking and truly knows how to capture a crowd.
Christine Malone Christine Malone
Christine Malone is the Co-Founder of Enterprise Selling Solutions, Chief Financial and Operations Officer and Director of Customer Relations. Christine’s passion is to ensure ESS is held to the highest level of Customer Service Standards. Every dealer, every account manager, every distributor has unique needs. It is our job to listen to the client and identify the best way to assist them. We deliver a customer experience that gives our clients confidence in their ability to use the ESS programs and also gives them a vision on how to use the programs to improve their business. Prior to starting Enterprise Selling Solutions, Christine owned a cash flow management business which she eventually sold. Before going out on her own, Christine managed a team of proposal writers for a large international institutional investment firm. Christine received her MBA in Finance from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, and a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Bryant University in Smithfield, Rhode Island.